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We all live here but that doesn’t mean we need to be from here. Now I’m not just talking about LA. That’s just one city out of all the many places in the world. I’m referring to this whole world in general. God has showed me the light. So in the most darkest of places i know i can count on God to shine his great glory on me. Lately, the enemy has been trying to steal my shine. What the enemy fails to realize is that God’s grace is more than amazing. It is miraculous. It is powerful. It is loving. And it is life-changing. Despite all the negativity going on, i keep my faith in God. Instead of crying about stuff or getting angry and lashing out, i just pray. Is that it? Yes! That’s all we need. When you accept God with all your heart he enlightens your mind. He blesses us in ways no one else can. God doesn’t make you happy just some of the time, God gives you everlasting JOY!!! So even when it feels like your world is falling apart somehow you still keep your composure. And that is thanks to the higher power and you believing in him and putting all your trust in him along with all your faith. GOD IS LOVE!!!! So just because we are living in this world often described as “cold, harsh, ruthless, crazy, bad, and scary” doesn’t mean we have to be the same way. God is fearless. God defeats the enemy and so can you when you learn to be “NOT OF THIS WORLD”.