Thank God

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Just by waking us up God is blessing us with life, so let us be thankful for such a powerful gift. Another day another blessing!!


3 Responses to “Thank God”

  1. god is good in all ways possible. he sent me a angel and i never wanna take her for granted. he shines the light when the lights is off and direct me the the light when its on. a always there for god is y i never go a day without thanking him. thank u god for another blessed day.

  2. thanking god. i woke up thinking the worst of the day without even thanking god for just waking me up. well that all changed i prayed and evaluated my life. i couldn’t do nothing but thank god. i complain about little stuff not going the way i see them in my my when all i have to do is dig deeper.there is other people less fortunate and i am sitting here tripping. quickly i humbled myself and just thank god for the people in my life for being alive with cloths on my back and a roof over my head. god is good and i am gonna acknowledge that more because it could b worst. i have a lot to be thankful for and gonna keep my faith tight…” god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change the courage to change the things that i can, and the wisdom to know the difference” thru him anything is possible is why i thank him each and every day good days arr bad days, he never let me down and always pick me up if i am down. god is truly good.

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